Miley Cyrus finds Australian guys way hotter than Americans

Washington: Miley Cyrus has revealed that she finds Australian men hotter than other nationalities.

The ‘Last Song’ actress - who is engaged to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth - thinks men from the country are particularly masculine and echo her own upbringing in Nashville, Tennessee.

The couple was present at Australians in Film awards on Wednesday, where Hemsworth was awarded Australians in Film Breakthrough Award.

“(Australians are) way hotter. There’s no competition. I think there’s a masculinity about [Australian guys] that is probably like growing up in the South, like what I did. They are a little bit more respectful, I suppose,” People magazine quoted the teen star as saying.

“My dad (singer Billy Ray Cyrus) has always been a really hard worker, so I like it when men work hard,

“I think it’s important and I always work really hard, so it’s good to have someone who is as passionate about what they do, and wants to be great at what they do,” she added.