Miley Cyrus in hot water over nude pic scandal

New York: Sites are claiming - with alleged photo proof - that Miley Cyrus sends nude pictures of herself to friends.

The Canadian blog posted a photograph Thursday morning of what appears to be a woman standing in a bathroom doorframe, phone in hand, wearing nothing but an open plaid shirt, reports a daily.

Taylor claimed that not only does the singer allegedly sext with her on-off boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, but that she recently had her purse – and iPhone – stolen.

The supposed perpetrator is now allegedly "leaking a bunch of photos taken on it to various websites.”

The LiveJournal community, Oh No They Didn’t, posted a series of other Cyrus photos that allegedly came from the iPhone as well. All show the "Can’t Be Tamed” songstress dressed provocatively.

The blog even goes as far as pointing out similarities between the nude photo and recent pictures of the singer with a similar shirt and phone in an attempt to prove she is indeed the naked woman.

But said the nude woman not only isn’t Cyrus, but that it can``t be her.

The rumor-busting site explained that the mystery gal is missing the singer’s ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo, which rests beneath her left breast.

The site added that sources say "no nude photos of the young star have been taken or leaked” and Cyrus` people are already talking to lawyers about legal action.

Hours later, Taylor backed away from his original claims, rewriting his post to note that he had been "informed that the photo is NOT of Miley, but instead of a random 19-year-old girl from London," who happens to be a Miley look-alike.