Minnie Driver admits sleeping with every male actor in billboard poster

London: Minnie Driver has confessed to feeling embarrassed when she saw a billboard poster for a new movie in Hollywood as she had bedded every male actor in it.

The 42-year-old actress loves living in California but is frustrated by the constant reminders of film work she had failed to secure and is embarrassed by regularly bumping into her ex-boyfriends.

“Everywhere you go, you see an advert for a new film or TV show that you didn’t get and you’re reminded that it’s pilot season and you’ve got to get on it,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling The Observer Magazine.

“It’s either that or ex-boyfriends. There was one time I realised I’d sh**ged a whole billboard! My sister pointed it out to me when we were driving past and we laughed so hard. But oh, that’s so... I’m being so naughty,” she added.