Models turn on the heat at a lingerie show in Mumbai

Mumbai: Mumbai hosted a lingerie show this week that saw the presence of shapely and gracious models walking the ramp. Sashaying down the ramp in some eye-catching inner wear, lissom international models turned on the heat by showcasing some of the spectacular designs by Indian designers from their collection of Spring-Summer season.

Along with the show a contest was organised whose theme was ``dragons and butterflies`` which was judged by a jury of prominent fashion designers and connoisseurs of lifestyle. One of the organisers, David Gow said that the motive of hosting such an event has been to promote new budding designers.

"But it’s more than that; it’s about innovation and it is about encouraging young people to strive for something better, to design, to take things into the market," said David Gow, one of the organisers of the lingerie fashion parade.

Simple designs and cuts in an array of colours like, red, pink, white, black, mauve, peach made quite a statement on the ramp. The winner of the contest was Pooja Upadhyay shared her joy with reporters by saying her theme was based on duality, which paved the way for her to emerge, victorious.

"The basic motive of the lingerie is to enhance the female figure and enhance the curves and woman look beautiful. Basically the theme was dragon and butterfly and the theme I derived from it was duality and how the hard and soft mix together to create one story similarly I chose the fabrics and surface development techniques and the form of the garments which envelopes around the female figure in a very liquid way," said Pooja Upadhyay.

This lingerie fashion show was judged by an expert panel of judges that included Anchal Kumar, Nisha Jamwal, Vikram Bawa and Anupama Verma. Anchal Kumar told reporters that the winner of the contest would get a chance to represent India in Shanghai Fashion Extravaganza to be held in October this year.

"It is very-very practical to be worn, I love the colours, I like the way they have put in a lot of spurt of very beautiful summery colours and apart from that I think that it is really nice to give an opportunity to budding designers so I really had a good time," said Anchal Kumar.

The event was mainly organised by one of the leading international lingerie designer giants. India is emerging as a profitable market for many international brands that are now venturing into the country to tap the huge consumer market that it offers.