My new film is not a pornographic, explains Lindsay Lohan

London: Lindsay Lohan has staunchly defended her upcoming portrayal of porn star Linda Lovelace, insisting the biopic will not be pornographic.

The troubled star`s outspoken dad Michael is among the dissenting voices to have blasted Lindsay for stepping into
the high heels of the 70s porn queen.

He fears playing Lovelace, who shot to fame in porn flick `Deep Throat`, will end his daughter`s career in Hollywood.

However, Lindsay, who`s due to start shooting Inferno later this year, has hit back at criticism, claiming Lovelace`s controversial life story will be told tastefully by director Mattew Wilder.

"The way that Matthew wants to shoot it is not vulgar. It`s not about the raw sex and the shots of her fully nude," Lohan said.

"It`s more about getting into her psyche and seeing how scared she was. That`s what I want to show most in the film," she added.

"People are going to say: `Oh, Lindsay Lohan is doing a porno.` But it`s not like that. I`ve never played someone`s true-life story before. A lot of the other movies I did were just brainless for me. So it`s nice to play something where I`m able to experience all these different emotions," Lohan added.



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