New mum Jessica Simpson ignores doctor’s advice to abstain from sex

London: Jessica Simpson is ignoring her doctor’s advice to abstain from sex, following the birth of her first child. The 31-year-old, who welcomed daughter Maxwell on May 1 via C-section, insists she just can’t resist her fiance Eric Johnson in the bedroom.

“I’ve kind of broken one rule,” a leading daily has quoted her as telling a magazine when asked about her activity and exercise just three weeks on.

“I think I have the sexiest man in the world. So that’s the rule I break,” she said.

Doctors generally warn new mothers not to have sex for a full six weeks after having a child. With a C-section, the incision must heal and the postpartum bleeding must stop - or else there is a risk infection and reopening of the wound.

During Simpson’s pregnancy, the 31-year-old realty star and successful fashion designer was extremely open about how the added hormones made her feel.

“I am definitely feeling ‘intimate.’ I’m kind of unstoppable at the moment!” she told interviewer Ryan Seacrest.

“Like the big ``O`` is like the biggest ``O`` ever,” she said.