Nicole Kidman poses in sheer lingerie for mag photo shoot

Updated: Aug 24, 2012, 09:06 AM IST

Los Angeles: Posing in a bunch of revealing snaps for a new magazine shoot, Nicole Kidman seems to have channelled the over-the-top nymphomaniac she portrays opposite Zac Efron and John Cusack in `Paperboy`.

The 45-year-old mother of four captured by famed celeb photographer Mario Testino. In one shot, the pale Australian actress reclines in a tiny, see-through red lace lingerie.

With teased, 80s-style platinum blonde hair and dramatic makeup, Kidman shows off her toned legs in another shot, wearing a black-and-pink bikini top and a neon miniskirt.

Kidman also opened up about signing on to `The Hours`, her Oscar-winning role, hours after divorcing Tom Cruise back in 2001.

"If you`re being completely drained in your personal life and you`re never being nourished there, it`s very hard to make it work. But sometimes, if you meet the right person who will mine it, and you`re open to being mined, it can really work," said Kidman, who was who was inspired by the film`s director Stephen Daldry.

"Stephen was able to mine me. I was crazy in love with him, and so I was like, I`ll do whatever, because I love you. I gave him every part of me that I could give him."