Nina Dobrev says no to one night stands

Los Angeles: Canadian actress Nina Dobrev says she prefers to be in a settled relationship and does not believe in one-night stands.

The 24-year-old recently split from her "Vampire Diaries" co-star Ian Somerhalder.

"You either have chemistry or you don`t, but a lot of what attracts me is a guy`s mind and talent. I need to get to know all those things before I fall for someone. I`m not a one-night-stand kind of girl. I`m a relationship girl," she told the Cosmopolitan`s US magazine.

"I`m progressive in some ways, old-fashioned in others. I like it when guys hold the door open and are sweet and thoughtful. The guys on our show are really good at that.

"A man in a suit looking put together and dapper is very attractive, but I also kind of like the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed, a-little-bit-of-scruff, effortless, not-trying-hard-but-still-sexy guy. If a guy spends more time looking in the mirror than I do, that`s problem!" Dobrev added.