Now, wake up with lingerie-clad Pammie’s sultry phrases

Melbourne: Always fantasised about waking up with Pamela Anderson? Well, now your dream can turn into reality—all you have to do is buy her mobile app and she will wake you up with sultry phrases.

A Sydney mobile phone application company convinced Hollywood`s best-known blonde bombshell to strip off and roll around on the sheets for a new iPhone project.

Called Wakey Wakey, the application is a video alarm clock that features lingerie-clad Anderson saucily coaxing the user to get out of bed.

And in snooze mode, the sexy siren would be seen imploring the user to linger a little longer.

However, the Playboy hottie said that she had some doubts about the app`s prospects for success.

"I`ve always had trouble getting guys out of bed so I can`t guarantee this will work," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"People ask me to do silly things all the time. And I thought this was kind of tongue-in-cheek and funny.

"But the only men I am waking up right now are my children,” she added.

The former Baywatch actress, who arrives in Australia this week for the premiere of Dancing With The Stars, said she was not much good at using the iPhone.

"I`m not a gizmologist. I do have an iPhone but I barely know how to work it. I don`t really know what they`re for. I just like doing things that are fun and that`s about as far as it goes for me,” she said.

And the brain behind the idea of roping in Pammie is of Darren Winterford of Creative Licence Digital, based in Manly.



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