Olivia Munn denies nude photo leak

Washington: Nude photos of Olivia Munn currently doing the rounds on the Internet are fake, according to sources close to the actress. A leading daily has reported that Munn had tweeted to her followers in response to the scandal.

“‘If you ever hacked my phone, these are the pictures you’d find,” she wrote, along with a snap of a baby and a cat.

Several pictures surfaced on the web which show Munn in lingerie, a black bra, a white bra, a pink bikini, a low-cut v-neck and also fully nude. According to sources, many of the pictures are legitimate and have been earlier posted by the 31-year-old on her blog and Twitter, but the full-frontal nude shot, and the pictures where her face is not visible, are phony, a website has reported.

An unknown person is said to have taken provocative photos of herself and posted them online, claiming that they are of the ‘Ironman’ actress.