Olivia Munn didn’t want boys to be around during nude PETA photoshoot

Washington: Olivia Munn agreed to pose nude for PETA on one condition that no guys were around the set during the photoshoot.

The 31-year-old TV host said that she wanted to feel comfortable during the shoot.

“I was very clear about having an all-female shoot and the photographer (Emily Shur) is a friend of mine and she is fantastic and amazing and she has guys who set up, and they had to set up and leave,” Fox News quoted Munn as saying.

“I felt very comfortable once I knew that there were only girls,” she added.

With the original full-length pic deemed too racy for the powers-to-be in Los Angeles, the “tamer” body baring image, complete with the slogan “Who Needs Fur to Feel Beautiful?” is still turning plenty of heads.