Paris Hilton pole dances on fairground ride in Cannes for photoshoot

London: Paris Hilton posed on a merry-go-round in Cannes for a classy shoot with photographer Ellen Von Unwerth.

She pole danced on a merry-go-round horse, posed on the carousel, and finally was picked up by a hot model standing in the sea.

“About to do an iconic photo shoot around Cannes with the amazingly talented Ellen Von Unwerth. Inspired by the one and only Bridget Bardot,” the Mirror quoted her as tweeting.

“Just finished a crazy sexy shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth styled by Sascha Lilic. So many fun pics & so many incredible couture gowns! Lovesit.

“Before any rumors get started. The guy in my photoshoot with Ellen Von Unwerth today is not a new love interest. Just the model Ellen hired,” she added.