Philosophy, hospitality students have more sex: British survey

London: What is common between studying hospitality or philosophy. Well, if you study either of these subjects, chances are that you may be having more sex that other students, a fascinating survey here has revealed.

And if you are enrolled in chemical engineering, human resources or environmental science, you are right at the bottom of the sex survey by Student Beans, a leading student portal in Britain.

The survey, that included 6,129 students at over 100 universities, quizzed students on the most intimate details of their sex lives ranging from which sexual position they prefer to how many sexual partners they have had.

The University of Brighton topped the chart, with a staggering average of 10.59 sexual partners per student.

“Students are an adventurous bunch, with 29 percent saying that they have had sex in a public place,” the findings revealed.

While 51 percent of the students said that have had a one night stand, 39 percent of them expected to find their life partner at the campus.

Nearly 42 percent of those surveyed revealed they lost their virginity aged 16 or under.
Despite all the sex that students are having, only 19 percent of respondents said they have no worries in their head during sexual intercourse.

“Fifty-eight percent of girls worry about what they look like during sex, compared with 24 percent boys,” the survey noted.

But 66 percent of boys worry about their performance compared with 57 percent of girls, the survey found.

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