‘Playboy, activist, rebel’ Hugh Hefner still running wild at age 85

Washington: Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner who lives a wild life even at age 85 says he wants to be remembered for changing the social-sexual values of his time.

Playboy Magazine hit the stands in 1953 with a voluptuous Marilyn Monroe wearing nothing but a come-hither look. Eisenhower`s America was shocked, and titillated, and changed forever.

"We were there to ignite the flame that became the sexual revolution," Hefner told the CBS News. "I take some pride in that."

The twice-married, twice-divorced octogenarian was to get married again this month, to December 2009 Playmate Crystal Harris, 60 years his junior.

But recently she called it off and moved out of the mansion with no explanation given.

More gossip for the tabloids, another memory for his scrap books.

Still, the playboy doesn`t want to be remembered as just the playboy: "I`d like to be remembered as someone who played an important part in changing the social-sexual values of my time."

Love him or hate him, but filmmaker Brigitte Berman who spent three years making her new documentary, ‘Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, Rebel’ says he cannot be ignored.

"Here`s a man who has outraged feminists, has outraged the Christian right, outraged conservatives, and doesn`t care! That`s his job!

"You can never say he has not made a difference and he is not an amazing icon," she said.

America is different because of Hugh Hefner. To which he`d say, viva la difference.


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