Playboy model rejects Ashley Cole’s ‘live-in’ offer

London: A Playboy model has claimed that Ashley Cole had asked her to move in with him but she denied the offer as she found it “a bit too soon”.

Cole met Playboy model Melissa Howe just two weeks backs at the London Playboy club and has enjoyed four dates with her since then.

“When he asked me to move in with him I was taken aback,” the Daily Mail quoted her as telling The People.

“I told him he’d have to wait a little while and he took it quite well.”

Howe, 21, claims she has not slept with the sportsman yet but believes their relationship could become serious soon.

“We haven’t even had sex yet. We’ve done other intimate things, but not everything.”

The busty model explained that she wanted Cole to know that she’s not ‘one of those girls who just jumps into bed’ but claimed that they still had fun together.


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