Playboy playmate Jenny McCarthy’s 9-year-old son likes chicks

Washington: Playboy playmate, Jenny McCarthy has revealed that her son Evan, who is not even a teenager yet, has already become a little Casanova. McCarthy said that she took the nine-year-old to the famed Playboy Mansion Easter Bunny hunt, where he had a lot of fun with the bunnies.

“I brought him to the Playboy Mansion Easter Bunny hunt for the first time, and he was out of his mind,” a magazine has quoted her as saying at The London hotel on Wednesday at her Pose for a Cause event with Danskin in L.A.

The event supported the 39-year-old’s charity, Generation Rescue, which is an organization dedicated to the recovery of children with autism spectrum disorders. Evan was diagnosed with autism in 2005.

McCarthy said she lost Evan for “probably 45 minutes” in the Mansion -- ultimately finding him hanging out in the infamous Grotto.

“And I went in there and he’s laying there going, ‘Hey.’ And I said, ‘Yeah?’ and he said, ‘You know I like chicks, right?’ And I said, ‘That’s great!’ And he goes, ‘I like pretty chicks.’ So I said, ‘Awesome!’” she said.

Evan then announced, “I just thought I’d come out and tell you.”

“I’m like, Oh. My. God! He’s 9!” she exclaimed.

“So you can imagine, if Hef’s parties are still going on in a few years, I’m in trouble! He’s got two girlfriends…one’s here, She’s 29,” she added.