Quentin Tarantino’s sexapade with an Indian woman!

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: Here’s a bit of juicy gossip about Oscar winning director Quentin Tarantino and an Indian girl! In a scandalous exposure, it has been alleged that a young NRI Indian girl named Beejoli enjoyed sexapade with ‘Pulp Fiction’ director.

The news spread like wild fire through social networking sites when the girl graphically illustrated the incident and mailed it to her fifteen friends, narrating how she made out with one of Hollywood’s greatest filmmaker.

Apparently, Beejoli had gone out partying with her friends when she met Quentin Tarantino. Incidentally, QT not only poured her a drink, he also publicly made out with her.

According to the girl, Quentin Tarantino asked her if he could jerk off while sucking her toe! A shocked Beejoli then goes on to describe the ‘weirdest’ ten minutes of her life. She wrote: “And thus began the weirdest ten minutes of my life - having my feet made out with by an Oscar winning filmmaker while he pleasured himself. No bodily secretions were ejected anywhere near me or my feet, and just as I hoped, we went to bed right after.”

After enjoying together, the duo went off to bed and the next morning, Tarantino dropped the girl to her home.

With the news of Tarantino making out with an Indian girl making headlines, no reaction has come from the filmmaker about his alleged encounter with Beejoli.

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