R-Patz jumps into bed with Patricia McKenzie in Cosmopolis

London: Robert Pattinson, whose girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheated on him with married director Rupert Sanders, was seen jumping into bed with someone else, though it was just for the film ‘Cosmopolis’.

In new stills from the David Cronenberg film, shirtless 26-year-old can be seen writhing around in bed with Patricia McKenzie as she appears to straddle and dominate the scenario.

Canadian actress Patricia is best known for her role as Reena in TV series Charlie Jade, and as Jenn in the movie ‘Naked Josh’.

The ‘Twilight’ actor’s fans may be surprised to see him take on a bad boy character in the leading man role.

He also almost strips off for his role as millionaire Eric Parker.

The illusion is that he appears naked, but the British star revealed that he is a lot more prudish than that.

“Five minutes before we filmed, David told me, “I want to see the bottom of your balls on the top of the frame,” the Daily Mail quoted him as telling Us Weekly.

“At the moment, I reminded myself that I would do anything for him. (But) I went back to see him and told him that wouldn’t happen,” he said.

In the trailer, Pattinson is seen mid-way through a romp with gun-wielding McKenzie.

In the trailer he is seen lying on his back as the femme fatale points a pistol onto his chest.

With only a laser light on him, the hunk is seen with a bemused, but calm, look on his face as he stares up at her.

The action-packed sequence also shows the Hollywood heartthrob shooting himself in the hand, indulging in a sexual encounter in the back of his limousine, and he also appears to stab someone in the face.