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Rapper Danny Brown `received oral sex on stage during gig without consent`

Last Updated: Friday, May 3, 2013 - 12:18

New York: Danny Brown has sparked controversy for an incident that occurred at his April 26 tour stop in Minneapolis, where a female fan rushed to the stage and performed oral sex on the ‘XXX’ rapper.

According to reports, the experimental hip-hop artist was in the middle of a song at the Triple Rock Social Club, when the unidentified woman came up and pulled his pants down, the New York Daily News reported.

Rapper Kitty Pryde, who is on tour with the 32-year-old, penned an angry letter about the incident, expressing her outrage at what she considered sexual assault, on Wednesday.

"I`m mad that a person thought it was okay to pull another person`s pants down during their performance in front of about 700 other people," Pryde wrote.

"I`m mad that a person thought it was a good idea to perform a sex act on another person without their consent. I`m mad that nobody made her leave. I`m mad that Danny had to actually wonder what he was supposed to do at that point." She wrote.

Pryde, whose real name is Kathryn Beckwith, went on to express her anger about the double standard of sexual assault towards males.

She said that as a white woman herself, she thinks that a reaction from Brown towards the girl would have had racial implications because she was white as well.

"It`s obvious that the reason nobody cares is because a girl did it to a boy," she wrote.

"Everyone wants the option of blaming it on Danny, because people can`t accept the fact that a white girl raped a black dude in front of a bunch of people," Pryde`s letter said.

Pryde went on to draw comparisons to famed novel `To Kill A Mockingbird,` and addressed the problems with how the hip-hop community perceives sex.

She added that pushing the girl off would have brought on "attacks on his masculinity" from other rappers.

Meanwhile, another rapper- Kendrick Lamar - incredulously tweeted to Brown, asking if the rumors were true.

"U really just got the h--- on stage stanny???" Lamar tweeted.

According to the publication, Brown responded saying he "didn`t miss one bar" but deleted the tweet later, refraining from directly addressing the incident, and instead retweeting fan reaction and links to Pryde`s lengthy letter.


First Published: Friday, May 3, 2013 - 12:18
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