Reese Witherspoon feels ‘sexier than ever’

Washington: Reese Witherspoon has revealed that she feels “sexier” than she ever did and is more comfortable with herself than she was in the past. The 35-year-old actress, who married Hollywood agent Jim Toth last year, doesn’t think she looks “so bad” these days and has learned to respect herself more.

“I feel much better about myself, actually,” a website has quoted her as saying.

“When you get older you start to have respect for yourself and value certain things and choices you’ve made in your life that have given you strength. I’m much more comfortable with who I am and I’m even thinking that I don’t look so bad. I feel a lot sexier these days than I ever have,” she said.

Despite feeling good about herself, the ‘Legally Blonde’ star, who has two children Ava and Deacon from her marriage to Ryan Phillippe, finds dating “nerve-wracking”, but is unsure why.

“I find dating nerve-wracking, and, really, I don’t know why. I pretty much went from being married and then I was married again, so I didn’t really date much,” she said.