Richard Burton ‘slept with 3 women a week for 30 years’

Updated: May 14, 2011, 13:24 PM IST

London: Richard Burton slept with three women a week for thirty years, qualifying him to be Hollywood’s first sex addict.

The actor who is better remembered for his marital association with Elizabeth Taylor, slept with almost 2,500 women during his lifetime of 58 years, reports the Daily Mail.

In Burton’s heydays between 1947 and 1975, he is known to have made love to at least one new woman every other day, apart from being married four times.

Ruth Waterbury, who witnessed Burton’s dalliances with the women of Los Angeles in the mid-Fifties, was struck by the fact that he never seemed to make obvious passes.

“He has a kind of availability about him, and the girls come running. He does not implore. He just quietly demands full surrender,” she said.

Burton started his sexual adventures in 1944, while at Oxford University, when he lost his virginity to a mature student at the age of 18.

Throughout his endless affairs, flings and marriages, Burton continued sleeping with Mary Ure, Susan Claire and Bloom Strasberg.

He also maintained a long sexual relationship with a friend’s wife, Jean Simmons on the sly.

Known as the most notable seducer of those times, Burton fell in love with 17-year old actress, Claire Bloom just a day after his marriage with Sybil Williams.