Richard Gere tried to cheat with wife`s friend

London: Hollywood actor Richard Gere`s flirtatious nature reportedly led to his split from his wife, actress Carey Lowell. reports that The National Enquirer has revealed that Gere, 64, attempted to bed one of Lowell`s close friends.

"The final blow to the marriage came when a nasty fight erupted between Richard and Carey over his attempt to cheat with one of Carey’s friends. That was the ultimate slap in the face. After a screaming match, Carey told him, ‘It’s over!’ The woman that Richard wanted to bed was a gorgeous younger lady who does yoga with Carey," said a source.

"That was the last straw for Carey. She broke down in tears and laid into Richard, screaming at him for being so disrespectful. She told him she wanted a divorce.

"Richard agreed they’d grown too far apart, but Carey’s heart was bro­ken by how easily he could walk away. Carey knew it was time to leave when he started coming on to her friends. She’s steaming and could easily take him to the cleaners," the source added.

The couple got married in November 2002 after dating for seven years.