Rihanna again strips down for new ad campaign

London: R&B star Rihanna has stripped down to her bare essentials for her latest steamy ad campaign for Emporio Armani. The 24-year-old was scantily clad in the advert, which sees her writhing between the bedsheets before dressing for the day, a leading daily has reported.

The advert promotes the brands denim range but for the majority the `Umbrella` hitmaker spends her time in her undergarment. The singer is not a stranger to getting her clothes off, she was recently told off whilst filming one of her music videos in the British countryside by a local farmer who had seen her in less than the usual attire for walking in the fields.

It is the second campaign Rihanna has done for the brand, she originally posed in a dominatrix style advert a contrast to the more classic Armani style ad this time. This campaign marks her first television commercial for the Italian brand.