Rihanna flashes nipples during stroll through NY

London: Rihanna, who has worn a large variety of see through tops over the last few months, stepped out wearing a very small and see through lace bra during a stroll through New York on Monday.

The 24-year-old singer proudly strolled through the city with her areola on show, teaming her see through lingerie with a floaty mullet skirt and a pair of Converse, the Mirror reported.

At one point, a passer by appeared to have made a remark about the skimpy outfit, with the ‘Umberella’ hitmaker sheepishly folding her arms over her chest.

However, that seemed a little pointless after she came across a poster of herself completely starkers in the advertising campaign for her new perfume.

The Rebelle poster showed the singer curled around herself on a big chair, wearing nothing but a naughty little smile. She tweeted the snap along with the words, “pap pap pap”.