Robin Gibb `paid out £4m for love child`

London: Robin Gibb’s devastated widow Dwina now fears that the mother of his love child, their former housekeeper, will demand more cash despite receiving a 4-million-pound pay off.

After 12 months of legal wrangling Gibb’s lover Claire Yang is said to have received the one off payment for three-year-old Snow Robin’s care.

But after the singer’s death the family are said to fear his former lover will demand a larger slice of his 140-million-pound fortune.

The late singer’s grieving widow Dwina is said to be worried Claire, 36, will seek legal advice despite agreeing to the one-off child maintenance deal in January.

A source close to the Gibb family told The Sunday Mirror the legal fight, which went on while Robin was undergoing hospital treatment, upset Dwina.

“If Claire does go to the funeral she will be keeping her distance from Dwina and it will be awkward. Robin never walked away from his responsibilities and always made sure the child was fully provided for,” the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying.

“Snow Robin is a Gibb child so will be treated exactly the same as the other three children. It is not about the money but it is the nature of the lengthy legal process which distressed Dwina and the family,” the source said.

Gibb, 62, who died from liver and colon cancer on May 20, had a long-term affair with Claire but was asked to leave the Gibbs’ house by bisexual Dwina, 59, when she became pregnant.

Despite having an open relationship it is thought Dwina “hit the roof” when she discovered Claire was pregnant.

Robin later brought his mistress a home five miles from his Thame home after paying her rent before his daughter was born.

Friends have spoken of Claire’s love for Robin and the former housekeeper, who became known as the star’s companion, thought the pair could have a future together.

But Robin is thought to have told his mistress he would never leave his wife.

Robin and his twin brother Maurice formed the Bee Gees with their older brother Barry, now 62 in the late 50s.

The trio shot to mega-stardom after creating the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever in 1977. Maurice Gibb died of a burst intestine in 2003 and their younger brother Andy died from a cocaine overdose aged just 30 in the 1980s.

Under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and ­Dependents) Act 1975, any child is allowed to contest a will.