Romania has world`s sexiest women soldiers

London: The Romania army has the sexiest women soldiers in the world, a new poll has revealed.

The Eastern European nation has won the survey conducted by the Sun in order to find the sexiest army recruits in the world.

The nation has topped the list with a whopping 2656 votes and a 17 percent share of the total cast -15,741.

Sacha Baron Cohen`s fictional Republic of Wadiya- featured in his movie ` The Dictator `- came in a close second with 2525 votes.

Meanwhile, Russia was named as the next best actual country with 1717 votes.

The UK bagged the 7th place with 1129 votes, while Indonesia made it to the list with a lowly 35, followed by Mexico and Libya on 44 and 53 respectively.

The top 10 on the list are:

1. Romania- 2656 votes
2. Republic of Wadiya- 2525 votes
3. Russia- 1717 votes
4. Poland- 1494 votes
5. Greece- 1364 votes
6. Israel- 1269 votes
7. UK- 1129 votes
8. Finland- 889 votes
9. Serbia- 615 votes
10. Sweden- 503 votes