Ronald Reagan`s ‘Playmate’ daughter Patti Davis poses nude again at 58

London: Patti Davis, President Ronald Reagan``s daughter, caused a stir when she first posed nude for Playboy in 1994, appearing on the cover, with her breasts cupped by male hands and the headline ‘Ronald Reagan``s Renegade Daughter’.

Now, at 58, she has done it again, this time for the June issue of More Magazine in order to celebrate having a body that she is happy with and one which took so long to achieve and accept, reports the Daily Mail.

Addicted to drugs since she was 15, she said at one time her “body was wasted, muscles thin and barely visible”.

When she finally quit drugs in her late twenties she said she ``grabbed onto some rope in her heart that she didn``t even know was there`` and resolved to get back into shape and health.

When her kick boxing instructor told her that she looks better now than she did when she posed her Playboy she decided she would do another shoot.

She insists that she has had no work done from the neck down but admits that she did have a facelift when she was 50.

However she does recognise that her body is changing and that her 58 years is most prevalent on her elbows.

She said: “I’m quite upset with my elbows. If you took a close-up photo of them, you’d think, "Wow, very old person".

“There is actually a plastic surgery procedure for tightening the skin on the elbows, but that seems a bit excessive to me, not to mention costly.

“I risked everything in my teens and twenties. I risked my health and even my life. I got both back through determination and hard work. I’ve now learned to respect time as the precious commodity that it is, and I’ve learned to respect my body,” she added.


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