Russian spy Anna nude in January issue of Playboy

New York: She has been exposed yet again, but this time in a way that would appeal to her fans worldwide - Russian spy Anna Chapman will be seen naked in the January issue of Playboy.

The naked pictures are from an ex-boyfriend and were part of a batch of nude photos, which appeared online in July. Her ex-husband, Alex had also given the world a peek into their sex life and shared several semi-nude pictures of her.

"I found her Russian accent such a turn-on. We were having so much fun. We also experimented with sex toys,” the New York Daily News quoted him as telling the News of the World.

Chapman did pose for the Russian edition of Maxim magazine in October.

"Seduction, like love and friendship are the same everywhere," she told Maxim in Russian.

"Most men are divided in three categories: primitive, those that only want sex; smarter, those that want to be loved, and [the] last group -- those that not only want to be loved, they also need that this love will be the biggest and most amazing feeling in your life," she said.