Russian spy Chapman’s ‘secret weapon was sex’

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2010, 11:17 AM IST

London: Russian spy Anna Chapman, kicked out of the US for espionage, used sex as weapon to get information out of men, her former lovers have revealed.

The redhead, 28, used her seductive skills to get men to treat her to expensive dates before trying to get information out of them.

A string of exes told of her tactics at a New York meeting.

Model Dennis Hirdt said she used "little hand touches, whispers" and "lips rubbing an earlobe".

"She was an expert at using her femininity," the Sun quoted Hirdt as saying.

Ex-US spy Bill Staniford, 40, said: "As soon as she walks in, I don`t remember anything else.

"It was something about her - the red hair or her body. I was like, ``my game``s f*****``," Staniford added.

But Anna`s pal, actor Russell Terlecki, 40, said she was a poor spy, adding: "Drinking champagne, tequila, vodka - she wasn`t learning a lot."