Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Agent Vinod’ discovery Ann goes topless

Mumbai: Saif Ali Khan’s ambitious project ‘Agent Vinod’ is certainly garnering a lot of publicity ahead of its release with the Nawab’s mid-night brawl with a South African businessman, Iqbal Sharma making headlines in the recent past.

Saif also drew flak for appointing a Saudi Arab national as the caretaker of `Rubaat` (guest house) of the Nawab of Bhopal in Saudi Arabia. The actor was shown black flags on his recent trip to Bhopal.

But any publicity is good publicity isn’t it?

Now with these controversies settling, a new rumour seems to have cropped up.

Saif’s latest find, Ann-Lee Roberts had posted topless picture of hers on social networking sites that eventually lead to a lot of speculation.

By the looks of it, one couldn’t help but wonder if this is another publicity stunt to grab eyeballs.

However, the actor has categorically said he wouldn’t do anything cheesy for publicity.

If that’s the case what incited Ann to post her topless pic all of sudden?

We really wonder.

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