Samantha Bond vows ‘never to strip on screen’

London: Actress Samantha Bond is determined she would never go nude on stage or screen because her teenage son would be ‘mortified’.

The 49 year old, who starred opposite Pierce Brosnan as MI6 secretary Miss Moneypenny in four Bond movies, vowed she would shun any part that required her to strip off.

And it’s not her husband who would insist she preserves her modesty - it’s her 17-year-old son Tom who prevents her from accepting racy roles.

"I suppose there are worse things to be typecast as than the sexy older woman, but the moment someone takes their clothes off - on screen or on stage - you immediately stop listening to what they’re saying,” a news daily quoted her as telling a magazine.

“By and large I think most nudity is completely uncalled for and a distraction; real sexiness leaves a great deal to the imagination.”

"I would never appear in Calendar Girls, for example, even if they asked me - not least because my son would kill me. My husband wouldn’t bat an eyelid but Tom, my 17 year old, would be mortified," the actress added.