Samantha Ronson still loves ex-girlfriend Lindsay?

London: DJ Samantha Ronson says she still has feelings for her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan.

`I love her as a human being. I`m not going to sit here and negate everything we had. You know, I could have a thousand times countered s**t with facts. It`s just not for me,` a news website quoted her as saying.

Although Ronson admits the highly-publicised romance caused her numerous problems at times.

`To be honest, being with her was more of a headache than anything else. Everything I was doing I was already doing (before Lindsay). It just meant there were paparazzi pictures documenting it. It sucked, because I`m a pretty private person and I`d managed to stay under the radar for so long,` he added.

Samantha, 32, also refutes reports that he was a bad influence on Lindsay who currently has to wear an alcohol-monitoring SCRAM bracelet as part of her probation for a driving under the influence (DUI) arrest.



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