Sassy Katy Perry goes nude for album cover

Updated: Jul 22, 2010, 12:48 PM IST

Los Angeles: Singer Katy Perry has gone topless for the cover of her new music album "Teenage Drama" and describes her picture as "gorgeous".

Captured by contemporary artist Will Cotton, the photograph shows her naked while lying on her stomach on cotton-candy cloud, reports

"Oh my God," she exclaimed after unveiling the cover."What will my mother say next? Wow. It`s so gorgeous. I`m so excited. I`m nervous. I`m shaking a little bit...This is my first piece of real art, except my posters on the wall of Gwen Stefani when I was growing up."

"I have decided for this to be just the album cover - no print, no nothing, no `Katy Perry`. Hopefully, they know it`s me by the actual picture."

She added, "I wanted to go out with a bang for people to remember this. I think our collaboration will make it memorable."