Savita Bhabhi makes a comeback as Sheetal Bhabhi on silver screen

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2011, 11:18 AM IST

Spicezee Bureau

The popular cyber comic strip of Savita Bhabi, which chronicled the sexcapades of an Indian housewife, will soon be made into a film.

The comic strips obsession with sex led to million hits on the website which first published the series. Savita Bhabi’s sexual encounters with salesmen and the neighbouring boys made her one of the most popular faces on cyber space.

The website was eventually banned in 2009. The website, which initially was free, became a subscription only entity. The comic is printed in 10 different Indian languages, not counting English.

Now the popular Savita Bhabi will be rechristened as Sheetal Bhabi for the silver screen. The film aptly called ‘’ will be directed by CM Jain, a regular reader of Savita Bhabi chronicles.

The director told reporters of a leading daily, “The savita bhabhi website was very popular and everyone was aware of it. The plot interested me and I am certain that it will interest everyone.”

Jain started shooting for the film six months ago and is hopeful that film will be released by March end.

The movie stars a struggling actress called Heena Rehman in the lead (she had earlier starred in ‘I Am Proud To Be an Indian’ opposite Sohail Khan); Jatin Grewal will play her husband (last seen in Rahul, directed by Prakash Jha).

The movie also stars Shakti Kapoor and Vikas Kalantri in pivotal roles. “My movie is about a wife who hits on her husband’s friends. In the end it is revealed that the couple has planned this entire drama in order to avenge their friends”, says the director.

Jain is quick to add that the movie won’t be pornographic. “It is a comedy. There is nothing pornographic or sleazy in the film”.

When asked if he had spoken to the website or its owners on making a film derived from savitabhabhi, he said, “I haven’t spoken to them and I didn’t feel the need. This is my inspiration and I have just used a few punch lines from their comic strip.”