Sheen’s a ‘powerhouse rock star’ in bed, says his ‘ex-goddess’ Bree Olson

London: Charlie Sheen’s former girlfriend Bree Olson has revealed their bedroom secrets in the new issue of Playboy magazine.

Adult film star Olson is one of the star’s two ‘goddess’ girlfriends who used to live with him in his ‘Sober Valley Lodge’ home.

The 24-year-old left the self proclaimed Warlocks home in April.

“He’s intelligent, he’s charismatic, he’s super funny,” the Daily Mail quoted Olson as telling the mag about the 45-year-old actor.

“And he’s good in bed. I mean he’s had a lot of practice.

“He’s just a rock star. He’s a powerhouse.

“He’s a very sensual and sexual person, and when I was with him, I felt as if we became one together, because he’s just so enticing sexually,” she said.

But Olson denied the rumour that she indulged in threesomes with Sheen’s other ‘goddess’ - his former nanny Natalie Kenly.

“That was a lie. I didn’t really even know her. Okay, all three of us got together, I think, twice,” she revealed.

“They did their thing together, and Charlie and I did our thing together. And we had two different beds.

“She and I would go to whichever bed, and he would pick. You know, ‘Where am I sleeping tonight?’” she added.