Silvio Berlusconi filmed telling lewd joke about secretary

London: Controversial Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been filmed making a lewd joke about his secretary.

Berlusconi, who is facing a charge of paying a 17-year-old for sex, cracked the lewd joke while being interviewed – before asking the media persons to make it off the record.

The billionaire tycoon was asked to recall the best manager to lead AC Milan, the Italian football club he is president of.

“Look I am getting old. This morning I was chasing my secretary to do her on the table and she said: ‘Prime Minister we only did it two hours ago.’ So you see my memory is going,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying in the film.

The Prime Minister was then heard saying to the crew: “If you lot broadcast that then you are all a bunch of *****.”

Footage of his latest gaffe was screened on Italian TV show Annozero.

It revealed how the film had actually been shot earlier this month but not screened after journalists present agreed not to report it. The DVD had since been sent in to the programme anonymously.

“How can it be that those journalists present decided not to broadcast the footage? How can we go forward? Why did they not screen it?” said host Michele Santoro.

It was believed the reporters in the film were from sports shows on channels the media tycoon premier owns.


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