Silvio Berlusconi hints he may write memoir on ‘more sexual encounters’

London: Silvio Berlusconi, a veteran of numerous sex scandals, has said that he may write a memoir in which he will document the details of all his sexual liaisons.

The 74-year-old Italian Prime Minister dropped the hint at a recent dinner when the conversation turned to claims made by an Italian footballer in an autobiography that he had slept with 600 women, reports the Telegraph.

“Hats off to him!” Berlusconi reportedly said of the claim by Antonio Cassano, an attacker who plays for his team, AC Milan.

“Do you want to know if I have had more women?” the prime minister, who is on trial accused of paying for sexual relations with a teenage nightclub dancer, asked guests at the table, according to La Stampa newspaper.

“Well, if you do, I`m not going to tell you. I will write about my encounters in a diary like Mussolini did,” said the media tycoon, whose alleged dalliances with young women resulted in his wife of 20 years suing for divorce.

The fascist dictator was notorious for his womanising and had several long-running affairs, as well as numerous sexual encounters with female supporters.

Among Berlusconi`s guests at the dinner in a restaurant in Milan were Nicole Minetti, an Anglo-Italian former television showgirl who now represents his People of Freedom party in Lombardy`s regional parliament.

Along with Emilio Fede, a veteran television presenter on one of the channels owned by the prime minister, she is accused of procuring prostitutes for so-called “bunga bunga” sex parties at Mr Berlusconi``s mansion outside Milan.

Berlusconi also denies that he ever had sexual relations with the teenage dancer, Karima El Mahroug, 18, known by her stage name as Ruby the Heart Stealer.

His trial, in which he is also accused of abuse of office, is due to resume in early October after a long summer adjournment.


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