South African lesbians becoming victims of barbaric ‘corrective rape’

London: Life for lesbians in South Africa is increasingly becoming daunting, as they live in fear of barbaric sex attacks dubbed “corrective” rape.

The attacks are often escorted by such gruesome violence that women are left permanently scarred - or fatally injured and the men feel that resorting to such methods would ‘cure’ women of being lesbians.

Campaigners say that ten women are now assaulted every week by men, who claim to be ‘curing’ their victims of homosexuality, the Daily Mail reported.

Among the most distressing was a woman whose 13-year-old twin daughters were raped because she was gay. One of the girls later committed suicide.

Siphokazi Mthathi, the South African director of Human Rights Watch, partly blames the crisis on deeply entrenched sexism in society.

‘We’ve failed to make it understood that there is a price for rape,” she told CNN.

“There is still a strong sense among men that they have power over women, women’s bodies and there’s also a strong sense that there’s not going to be consequences because most often there are no consequences,” she added.


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