Sunny Leone miffed with Kolkata pirated movie vendors

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Yesterday, we had this news of Sunny Leone’s porn films selling like hot cakes in Kolkata. Pirated CD/DVD vendors have been minting money by selling complied porn films of hers to meet the ever increasing demand. And this news hasn’t gone well with the adult film actress.

Sunny took to Twitter to vent out her anger and wants the authorities to shut illegal business that’s thriving in her name.

Expressing anger through her tweet, Sunny wrote, “If you are stealing my movies in kolkata that is flipping horrible!(sic).”

“Why would U announce that ur selling pirated movies? I hope u all that r stealing my movies get shut down by authorities4stealing&selling!(sic),” she added.

Sunny’s official website showcases paid videos which mean that only those who subscribe to them after paying a fee get to view them.

And when people are randomly getting to watch her films after paying peanuts, Sunny is bound to feel the pinch in her pocket.