‘Sweaty’ Cheryl Cole reveals super-sexy alter ego for magazine photoshoot

Updated: Nov 20, 2011, 15:05 PM IST

London: Cheryl Cole, who is always groomed to perfection with glossy hair, immaculate make-up and form-fitting couture, took everyone by surprise by letting her hair down in a relaxed, fun photoshoot for Rankin’s new magazine ‘Hunger’.

Instead of her usual preened dyed blonde locks hairdyed into place, the 28-year-old singer sported a wet and messy hair as if she was fresh out of the shower.

The axed ‘The X Factor’ judge sported a sultry and seductive look as she looked into the camera dressed in an array of sexy outfits.

In one segment, Cole shows off her figure to full effect in a vintage-style white lace basque, while in another series of shots, she is seen wearing wears a printed maxi dress as she leans against a pole.

The online shoot, entiled ‘Tear It Up’ for Hunger TV coincides with the launch of Hunger magazine, and the new publication comes 20 years after Rankin launched Dazed and Confused with Jefferson Hack.

The magazine has been billed as “a new platform for uncompromised self-expression, innovation and discover.”

“More than two decades into my career as a photographer, I am still inspired by what I do everyday. I named my first retrospective exhibition ‘Visually Hungry’ – that’s how I felt. In a lot of ways, it is how I think I’ll feel until I die,” the Daily Mail quoted Rankin as saying.