Taylor Swift finds shedding clothes uncomfortable

London: Country star Taylor Swift has admitted she feels uncomfortable posing for sexy photographs and refrains from shedding her clothes.

The 21-year-old singer, who has curved her own wholesome image, wants to maintain her clean-cut reputation and has no intentions to strip to sell records, reported a daily.

"I like wearing pretty dresses and I like trying out new styles, but I don`t feel comfortable taking my clothes off.

"I wouldn`t wear tiny amounts of clothing in my real life, so I don`t think it`s necessary to wear that stuff in photoshoots," said Swift.

The `Love Story` hitmaker insisted her firm decision has prevented magazine editors from asking her to dress provocatively.

When asked whether she is asked to wear such clothes, Swift said, "Not anymore, no." She also hinted that the job of titillating audiences should be left to the Katy Perrys and Rihannas instead.


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