‘The Octopus’ Arnie was called ‘long hands’ by his mistress

London: Arnold Schwarzenegger was called ‘long hands’ by his housekeeper/assistant who had his love child.

The star was called so because of the way he groped her and other women workers, reports the Sun.

Mildred Baena, 50, told a friend how Schwarzenegger, once dubbed ‘The Octopus’ over his wandering hands, liked to touch the bottoms of his female staff.

She revealed the randy antics during a heart-to-heart with Nora Montes about working for the Hollywood star and former California governor.

"I was talking to her and she suddenly said, ``Arnold Schwarzenegger has long hands. He used to touch the back of the housekeepers and grab their behinds.`` I was amazed," the Sun quoted Montes as saying.