Tom Felton wanted `Potter` actors to ink their bottoms !

London: `Harry Potter` star Tom Felton says he wanted his co-stars to get identical tattoo on their bottoms after they wrapped up shooting for the eighth and final instalment.

Felton, who plays Harry`s sworn enemy Draco Malfoy, tried to encourage his co-stars to immortalise their time in the movie franchise, just as the stars of the `Lord Of The Rings` trilogy did when they had special tattoos done to remember their time on the sets, reports a news website.

"I wasn`t supposed to say anything, but we`ve all got lightning bolts on our bottoms. No, I`m joking. But I did try and talk them into it," Felton said.

"I thought it was a nice idea. Maybe if not on the bottom, but a little something (somewhere else). We talked about it (getting tattoo) but all wimped out."



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