Topless scene in Magic Mike didn’t feel gratuitous, says Olivia Munn

New York: Olivia Munn, who did not flash her flesh all alone on the sets of ‘Magic Mike’, has revealed that she was perfectly okay with it.

For all the flesh shown off by the male stars of ‘Magic Mike’, the 32-year-old actress ended up showing as much as skin as the men in the movie in a topless shower scene.

“I forgot that I did that until I saw it at the premiere,” the New York Daily News quoted her as telling

“The way it was shot didn’t feel gratuitous — I think that’s what every actress says, right? There are very few directors I would ever do it for,” she said.

The actress looked at home in a bikini here in Puerto Rico and wasn’t uncomfortable dropping the top in ‘Magic Mike’, either, she said.

“The day of the shoot, I locked it down.

“I only wanted the people who absolutely had to be there. I even cleared out video village, which you’d normally forget about,” she added.


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