Veena Malik caught sharing a passionate smooch on ‘Bigg Boss’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Thriving on sordid details in the name of grabbing headlines and better TRP’s, ‘Bigg Boss’ hit all time low when it recently showed Pakistani starlet Veena Malik smooching her co-mate in ‘Bigg Boss’ house on a hidden camera.

Buzz has it that a hidden camera has captured shocking footage of Veena and a male inmate getting ‘touchy and feely’ before going completely overboard with their passionate displays.

Well, the footage might be edited and censored before presenting it to the audience but the in-house reporters allegedly found Veena in a compromising position with a male co-contestant.

Interestingly, Veena and her anonymous paramour were completely oblivious of the hidden cameras while they got busy, almost making love. The explosive footage is of two minutes, where the couples can be seen sharing a passionate smooch and fondling each other, forgetful of everything around them. Given the overt sexually explicit nature of the footage, it is unlikely to be aired uncensored.