Veena Malik wants more middle fingers!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Pakistani starlet Veena Malik seems to have courted many controversies ever since she made her appearance on Indian TV in 2010. The actress from across the border was recently accused of assaulting her co-star Vedita Pratap while shooting for her Bollywood film ‘Mumbai 125 kms’. And that seems to have got the better of her.

To vent out her frustration, Veena took to Twitter and wrote, “Dnt hve enuf words to express my feelings 4 some pple........ I wish I had more middle fingers!!!(sic).

Looks like the actress is mighty peeved with the way things took shape in the recent past. Not too long ago, Veena was embroiled in a nude photo shoot controversy that reportedly led her father to disown her. He had apparently asked the Muslim clerics in Pakistan to take severe action against his daughter for shaming him.

To de-stress and get rid of all the anxiety, the lady shopped like crazy yesterday. Talking about her passion for shopping sprees, Veena wrote, “I`m stressed...I shop! I`m happy...I shop! I have nothing to do...I shop!I have something to do...I shop!!!(sic).

“I go shopping other stuff but end up buying more shoes... Some Addition to my shoe store!!!(sic),” she added.