We avoided femmes fatales in `Salt`, says Angelina Jolie

London: Angelina Jolie has said that her character in the action packed flick `Salt` was rough and didn`t use her sexuality to get anything.

The star performed tricks including jumping from a motorway bridge on to a speeding truck and diving from a helicopter as agent `Evelyn Salt.`

She has been excited after doing the stunts for new film, which nearly landed her in hospital.

"In so many spy films, women are femmes fatales," the Daily Star quoted her as telling.

"We wanted to avoid that. My character doesn`t use to her sexuality get anything. It`s the roughest I`ve looked.

"When we fight it gets ugly. Somebody breaks my nose. She kicks, she uses her elbows, she fights to survive," she said.

But Angelina reckons she can get carried away, putting herself at risk.

She said: "Doing a few stunts is a great part of the job - it``s wonderful therapy. I wasn`t scared.

"But I am fearless to the point of stupidity sometimes. Maybe I should have a bit more fear," she added.

The action thriller was initially for a male star but Jolie turned it on its head as a female super-spy.


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