When Justin Long bared all in front of Christina Applegate!

Updated: Aug 16, 2010, 13:12 PM IST

London: Actor Justin Long was embarrassed after he accidentally bared all in front of actress Christina Applegate while filming the new movie `Going The Distance`.

The actor, who plays the love interest of real-life on-off girlfriend Drew Barrymore in the romantic comedy, accidentally bared all during one scene with Applegate. And director Nanette Burstein liked Applegate`s shock reaction so much she asked him to reenact the take, before she eventually cut it from the film.

"There was one scene where I go up to surprise Drew... Applegate comes around the corner, catches me in a towel... During one take... I gestured with my hand that was holding the towel to the upstairs bathroom, drop the towel, and so...," a news website quoted him as saying.

"We had to turn the camera around to Christina - to get her reaction. So generous giving actor that I am, I had to do exactly what I did again."

Long says it wont be easy for him to forget the horror of going full-frontal for a day on set with Applegate - who played his childhood crush Kelly Bundy on hit US TV series "Married with Children".

"I grew up watching (Christina in `Married with Children`) - who didn`t have a crush on Christina, on Kelly Bundy? It was one of those surreal (moments)."