When Simon Cowell’s vitamin injections gave female celeb two orgasms

London: Music mogul Simon Cowell has opened up about his unusual anti-ageing regime, and it includes libido boosting vitamin injections.

Cowell, 51, who revealed his beauty regime during an interview with Jay Leno, said the vitamins are sometimes capable of more than just a health boost.

“These vitamins, you can feel them going through your entire body and I mean your entire body,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying enthusiastically.

He claimed that he once gave the vitamins to a “well-known celebrity”, whose name he declined to reveal, just before going on television.

“I did say to this girl, you are going to have a slightly unusual experience here,” he said.

“Then five minutes before we were going to go on air she was in one of the dressing rooms and she actually had two orgasms during it. True story.

“You should try it,” he added.