Will Deepika Padukone fulfill Imran Khan’s bathroom fetish?

Like every normal guy, the chocolate boy of B-town too has some typical boyish desires! Read on!

Imran Khan comes forth as a cute, boyish-faced, honey-color eyed, innocent looking married guy, no? Well, this lad has stories to tell!

During his college days, Imran Khan had tried to sneak into a girls’ hostel for sneak a peek into the girls’ room! What more, this lad used to drive his friends around the town so that his friends could make out in the car’s backseat! Ahem, ahem! Well, everyone is naughty during their college days, so IK can get away with all this! But, this isn’t all; Imran Khan has revealed that if he could be invisible he would love to spy on Deepika Padukone while she’s in the shower!

Well, well, we wonder what our leggy lass has to say about Imran Khan’s fetish! Looks like Imran still retains a portion of his teenage hormones, no?

bollywoodlife.com/Bhagyashr?i Pawar